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How to control the dyeing time of Fujian dyeing machine?

2020-09-22 10:10:15

The technological conditions of Fujian dyeing machine are important factors that affect the color, light and evenness of dyeing products, such as temperature, time, pH value, etc., each of which directly affects the quality of the products. The following is the dyeing machine manufacturer's dyeing time control method:


The determination of dyeing time and dye in the fiber diffusion, combination, dyeing to have enough time, let the dye fully dyeing, diffusion, fixed, to achieve dyeing balance, get the color and lustre due. Time is too short, often not all dye dyeing, not due to the color, color does not match the sample to repair color dyeing, so it will waste dye. In case of dyeing, there is not enough time for the dyes on the fibers to be "transferred" to achieve uniform dyeing. Of course, the determination of dyeing time to appropriate, too long time, sometimes will make the fabric with temperature and chemical action of too long and change the style, so that feel hard, so to choose the appropriate dyeing time.

Fujian dyeing machine

Fujian dyeing machine in dyeing, generally want to use the short time to finish the dyeing process, and make full use of the dye, won't make the cost of dyeing has greatly increased, but in the process of printing and dyeing, hard to avoid some of our unexpected happens, if you want to put the fabric dyeing and printing of uniform and won't make the fabric under deformation, need certain dye printing technology, dyeing rate is slow, will cause a certain loss in economy, dyeing rate is too fast, uneven dyeing fabric will happen, the better way is by moving the printing and dyeing in order to improve and remedy the mistakes in the process of printing and dyeing.

In addition to the attention of the dyeing process, and the use of the dyeing machine, the company for many years research and development production and sales of high temperature dyeing machine, small sample dyeing machine, and the sample dyeing machine, dyeing and printing equipment, as a high-tech enterprises, the escalating optimization, made a number of invention patents and into dyeing machine production, help a successful dyeing, improve the efficiency and quality of printing and dyeing, printing and dyeing want to understand the related questions of dyeing machine price can inquire.


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