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What details do you need to know about the molding process

2020-09-22 10:38:36

At present, no matter the number of products, the number of enterprises, the production and sales volume and the market holdings have been rapidly growing, a dizzying change has taken place. So what details do you need to know in the transformation process? The following molding machine transformation manufacturers for you to explain:


Molding machine modification

1. In the dyeing and finishing process, the fabric is prone to the problem of radial elongation and zonal narrowing due to a large radial tension. If it encounters water, it will shrink in the radial direction. Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, and make the fabric size stable, then, in its tensile or shaping, need to be overfed, that is, the fabric into the speed greater than the speed of the setting machine, in order to make the warp retracting, and make its latitude to the specified width.

2. Steam requirements for molding machine reconstruction: adopt the medium temperature and medium pressure steam produced by the boiler and reduce the temperature and pressure to the steam index: steam supply pressure is 0.7MPA-3.8mpa, and the molding machine temperature is about 260-350℃ (superheated steam);

3. Waste heat recovery after molding machine transformation: flash steam recovery system is adopted, and flash steam is connected to the heat network system of dyeing factory, and 15%-20% steam can be recovered; The condensed water generated after finalization is recovered, and the separated condensed water is recovered to the boiler water of power plant or dyeing machine water of dyeing factory.

4. Steam consumption measurement of molding machine reconstruction: the flowmeter can be installed in the main steam pipe of each molding machine according to customer requirements, so as to monitor and examine the production. At the same time, the inlet valve of each box is changed to "pneumatic or electric analog control valve", and equipped with PLC automatic temperature control system, so that the temperature control is stable and accurate, save steam.

Above is about the molding machine transformation process needs to know the relevant introduction, want to know more about the stretching molding machine transformation related issues, welcome to inquire about our official website, we will explain in detail for you.


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