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Hot pressing machine equipment characteristics and operation flow

2020-09-22 10:47:58

Hot pressing machine is a device that USES hot air to dry and finish the fabric and make it set. There are many ways to supply hot air, such as burning natural gas directly in the molding machine, heating with circulating thermal oil or steam, or electric heating. Then about the characteristics of the equipment and operation process, the following molding machine manufacturers for you to explain:


Hot pressing molding machine

Hot pressing machine equipment characteristics

1, this machine adopts the full intelligent thermostat system control, simple operation, stable temperature, temperature error in the upper and lower 3 degrees.

2. The hot pressing plate adopts aluminum alloy heating plate, the heat conduction of the electric heating rod is cyclic, the heat transfer of the hot pressing plate is uniform, and the thermal energy consumption is low.

3, the hot pressing bonding time is displayed by the digital and can be set freely, accurate, according to different product hot pressing effect can be set different pressing time.

4, this machine adopts the gas-liquid mixed pressurization system, the working pressure is much higher than the pneumatic system, the shaping effect is good, environmental protection, energy saving, clean and hygienic.

Operation flow of hot pressing molding machine:

A. Place the automatic air switch ON position, and then turn the manual/semi-automatic cycle selection switch to the "manual" position.

B. Rotate the pressure relay and remote pressure regulating valve to the state of 5Mpa under low pressure.

C. Press the button to move down the main cylinder, and the beam will rise quickly first and then be transferred to work. Loosen the button with your finger and the beam will stop moving at any position immediately.

D. Press the return trip inking button of the main cylinder and move the beam to release pressure first and then return trip. Loosen the ammonium button with your finger and immediately stop moving the beam at any position.

The above is about the hot pressing machine equipment characteristics and operation process, want to know more about the hot pressing machine wholesale related issues, welcome to inquire about our official website, we will explain in detail for you.


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