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How to change the drainage system of knitting machine

2020-09-22 10:56:56

Knitwear setting machine heat exchange should not use overheated steam, setting machine system USES adjustable jet pump to recover the flash steam of condensed water, reduce the discharge temperature of condensed water, has been used in many units, have achieved good economic benefits. Generally, investment can be recovered within the second half of the working condition. So what about the drainage system? The following molding machine manufacturers to introduce:


In the existing heat supply flow of the setting machine, many users use the water trap or the orifice plate with the same size after the heater. There are two drawbacks.

(1) In the use of the steam trap, often due to improper selection of the trap or the installation of errors and other reasons often lead to the abnormal situation of steam running and condensation water can not be discharged out.

Knitwear setting machine

(2) In the industrial process of printing and dyeing, knitting fabric molding machine mainly plays the role of drying and high temperature shaping fabric, fabric shaping process is divided into two stages of heating drying and heating shaping. Cloth heating and drying is mainly completed in the first few sections of the oven, and then a few sections of the oven mainly play a role in the fabric heating and shaping. In the next few sections the oven needs to provide the heat needed to stabilize the fabric setting temperature. The heat supplied in the heating and shaping stage is far beyond the heat needed in the heating and shaping of the cloth, according to the principle of material and heat balance, according to the amount of cloth and its moisture content in the determination of the size of the size of the drying oven drainage hole in each section of the shaping machine. The orifices with the same aperture should not be taken.

Knitting fabric molding machine transformation method: the molding machine on all heaters on the drainage pipe the original drainage equipment for the special size of the drainage hole plate, the transformation of drainage pipe, so that the heater drainage more open, prevent the phenomenon of water hammer equipment, improve the heat use efficiency of steam equipment.

Above is about the transformation of the knitwear molding machine drainage system related introduction, want to know more about the knitwear molding machine transformation related issues, welcome to inquire about our official website, we will explain in detail for you.


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