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What details should be paid attention to when using Fujian dyeing machine?

2020-09-22 11:02:19

When we were in the use of fujian dyeing machine, also is to pay attention to when choose dye, is a big hand, we actually is also should as far as possible to select invasive and uniformity of the material, in this way, when for Mosaic, it will be more reliable, it is because of this, we are in use, actually also is can to a large extent can better play to the advantages of it in all aspects. The following fujian dyeing machine factory will be for you to pay attention to the details;


Fujian dyeing machine

1. If you want to terminate the dyeing, do not force the machine to shut down. Press F4 to suspend the dyeing; if you want to cancel the staining of the glass, press F2 to cancel and Done to confirm.

2. When the automatic dyeing machine needs to suspend or abort the program during the dyeing process (power off or manual dyeing), it is finally necessary to ensure that the previous program is completely terminated to avoid starting the next dyeing from the last suspended bit.

3. Replace the reagent to clean the dye VAT. The dye VAT with xylene and anhydric ethanol should be dry or washed with the original liquid.

4. If the dyeing machine is used together with the sealing machine, remember to upload the dyeing rack with the face of the tissue facing you.

5. During the dyeing process, fujian dyeing machine should try not to open the dust cover to avoid personnel damage caused by the movement of the mechanical arm.

6. The modulation of dye solution: modulation dyeing liquid, should use a small amount of cold water to dye into pulp, and then use room temperature water dilute, note that dilute water temperature not too high, higher than 60 degrees, disperse dyeing quilt, and condensation, dye except on modulation, also can use dusting method modulation high temperature high pressure dyeing machine, namely will dye under high speed stirring and slowly into the cold water, dye bath after preparation shoulds not be long. The mixture should be stirred slowly with a blender to prevent precipitation.

7. Control of PH value: Especially when using disperse dyes to dye polyester and its blended interweavers, it is known that it takes about 0.6ml/L 98% glacial acetic acid to adjust the PH value to 5±0.5, but sometimes it is neglected how to stabilize it! Prevent chromatic aberration. In practice, when disperse dyes are dyed, the lighter the color is, the more sensitive it is to PH.

The above is about the use of Fujian dyeing machine to pay attention to the relevant details, want to know more about the price of automatic dyeing machine related issues, welcome to call our official website, we will explain in detail for you.


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