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Modification of steam tensioning and setting machine

2020-09-25 09:22:17
Modification of steam tensioning and setting machine
Detailed introduction:

The steam tensioning and setting machine is reformed by using the medium temperature and medium pressure steam produced by the boiler and reducing the temperature and pressure to the steam index: the steam supply pressure is 0.7mpA-3.8mpa, the temperature is about 260-350℃ (superheated steam);

Advantages of horizontal setting machine medium-pressure steam transformation compared with thermal oil furnace:

1. High safety factor: Due to the long time of use, oil leakage, scaling and combustion instability occur in the thermal oil furnace, resulting in low efficiency of the oil furnace.

2. Long service life: the service life of the oil furnace is not as long as that of the steam pipe.

3. Easy maintenance: The maintenance of oil furnace and hot oil system is far less convenient than that of steam system (long lifting and cooling time, high maintenance cost).


4. Lower cost than oil furnace: Operation of oil furnace requires special operators to operate and maintain, and personnel expenses are high; The smoke from oil furnace causes environmental pollution, which puts pressure on the company's environmental protection, and its treatment cost is also very high. Corrosion of oil furnace steel chimney used for a long time is difficult to maintain, high maintenance cost; High cost of corrosion maintenance for oil furnace boiler tail equipment.

5. Easy cost control: Due to the large system of the hot oil boiler, there are many human factors, and the unforeseeable costs are large, many of which cannot be controlled or not in place, while the steam system does not have such factors.

6. Small failure loss: The production loss caused by the failure and shutdown of the oil furnace is very large, especially the impact of multiple machines in one furnace is greater.

7. Small energy loss: The oil furnace starts up and starts up, and the hot oil rises and drops for a long time, resulting in low output and large energy loss.


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