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Modification of steam system of molding machine

2020-09-25 09:27:34
Modification of steam system of molding machine
Detailed introduction:

Product introduction of steam system modification of molding machine:

1. Steam requirements: Adopt the medium temperature and medium pressure steam produced by the boiler and reduce the temperature and pressure to the steam index: steam supply pressure 2.3mpa-3.0mpa, temperature 260-330℃ or so (superheated steam)

Two. Temperature control: the molding machine each box into the steam inlet valve to "pneumatic or electric analog control valve", and equipped with PLC automatic temperature control regulation system, so that the temperature control stability and accuracy, save steam.

3. Steam consumption measurement: the flowmeter can be installed in the main steam pipe of each setting machine according to customer requirements, so as to monitor and examine the production.

4. Waste heat recovery: flash steam recovery system is used to connect the flash steam to the heat network system of dyeing factory, and 15%-20% of the steam can be recovered; The condensed water generated after finalization is recovered, and the separated condensed water is recovered to the boiler water of power plant or dyeing machine water of dyeing factory.

5. Thermal energy consumption: the actual energy consumption per ton of cloth is below 1.1 tons of steam.



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