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The common problems in the dyeing process of Fujian dyeing machine were analyzed

2020-09-22 11:43:36

With the continuous progress of technology, the function of Fujian dyeing machine is also constantly improving. At the same time, we also need to know that the use of dyeing machine can not only increase the added value of textiles, improve the level of textiles, but also play an important role in the supporting use and promotion of dye products. So what are the common problems in the dyeing process? The following fujian dyeing machine factory will explain to you:


Fujian dyeing machine

1. Stains and spots: dye condenses and produces oligomers in the dyeing bath.

2. Uneven color: The small dyeing machine heats up too fast, the heat preservation time is short, the circulation speed of cloth is too slow, and the cloth capacity is far beyond the standard capacity.

3. Tangles: Knotting the fabric bundle can cause shutdown, especially when using full-filled equipment and dyeing light fabrics, which can be a big trouble.

4. Fluff: the nozzle is directly too small, so that the nozzle pressure is too large.

5. Chemical and feeding: Strictly speaking, the chemical and feeding of disperse dyes used in fujian small dyeing machine are very particular, otherwise the dyeing quality of overflow jet will be affected to different degrees. Because disperse dye itself is a kind of non-ionic hydrophobic dyes, fill in the commercialization of the dispersant MF, some even are NNO (high temperature), and sodium lignin sulfonate, dustproof agent and inorganic compounds, thus sold to disperse dye dyeing enterprise product into anionic dyes, because of its low solubility, dye is a very tiny particles suspension in the water, so first of all, it can only be used around 30 ℃ warm water feeding.

6, the control of bath ratio: the bath ratio seems to be the smaller can attract customers, actually otherwise, no matter what small dyeing machine of bath ratio is not stipulated by machinery manufacturing enterprises, but should be determined by the dyeing and finishing enterprises according to the processing of products determine when formulating process, such as dye 60 ~ 100 g/m2 weight thin polyester fabric, bath ratio generally control between 1:12 ~ 1:15, because the volume of light fabrics, relative length too long, so a bath than appropriate, on the other hand, such as processing of the weight of 250 g/m2 polyester/cotton or rayon blended interwoven fabric bath ratio should be controlled at about 1:10.

The above is about fujian dyeing machine in the dyeing process frequently asked questions, want to know more about dyeing machine price related questions, welcome to call our official website, we will explain in detail for you.


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