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How to prevent high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine corrosion?

2020-09-22 12:02:53

High temperature and high pressure dyeing machine is widely used in textile printing and dyeing industry. Factories normally use high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine production, the machine works every 3 hours, 24 hours continuous uninterrupted production, in which each cylinder of cloth before and after the cylinder to go through the process of first boosting and then reducing pressure, dyeing liquid temperature changes constantly. Working at such a high frequency produces stress corrosion. So what measures should we take to prevent corrosion in our daily life? The following dyeing machine factory for you to explain:


1. Choose stress-resistant materials

In recent years, a variety of stress corrosion resistant stainless steels have been developed, mainly including high-purity austenitic chromium-nickel steel, high-silicon austenitic chromium-nickel steel, high-chromium-Nickel steel and iron cable body - austenitic duplex steel. The stress corrosion resistance of ferrite - austenite duplex steel is better. Control stress In pressure vessel assembly, minimize stress concentration, and use parts in contact with the medium with minimum residual stress. Prevent bumps and scratches.

High temperature and pressure dyeing machine

2. Removal of oligomers. The high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machine often washes the tank with NaOH or acid sulfite detergent, and the carrier can also be added to help the dissolution of oligomers.

3 alkali scale, calcium salt, fiber chip removal, can be cleaned with hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, the effect is very good, but on the stainless steel (dyeing cylinder wall is generally used corrosion-resistant stainless steel) has a significant impact, chrome layer gloss completely disappear, very corrosive. It is recommended to use the transferred TF-105F cylinder cleaning agent, which does not contain strong acid and has no corrosive effect on the cylinder body.

4. Take basic precautions

However, in the long-term use, due to a variety of complex factors combined action, the container will also be subjected to a certain degree of corrosion. Although the current method to prevent chloride ion corrosion of stainless steel is not very perfect, but master some of the most basic protection measures. It is very important to ensure the normal operation of production.

5. Strengthen the maintenance management of equipment

In the normal production process, the operation should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, strengthen the equipment management, do a good job in the container's regular inspection, to ensure that the container within a reasonable life period can be safe operation. The maintenance and management of equipment is a strong guarantee for the long-term safe operation of pressure vessels. The regulations on the reverse side of pressure vessels shall be strictly enforced. Review the permitted defects in the use of high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine, keep abreast of the development of defects in operation, and take appropriate measures to reduce equipment corrosion. Want to know more about the high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine price, you can inquire.


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