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Molding machine natural gas transformation

Molding machine natural gas transformation

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:50:06
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Analysis of technological conditions of natural gas transformation of molding machine: in the process of utilizing molding machine, soft treatment can further improve the quality of cloth and make it meet the requirements of customers. In addition, it can also make it on the guide wheel not easy to scratch. In addition the use of tensioning machine equipment also helps to keep the fabric surface flat, stable size, can also eliminate the dyeing and finishing process wrinkles, creases.

It should be noted that, in order to achieve such an ideal effect, then in the process of molding machine natural gas transformation, it is necessary to reasonably set up the appropriate molding process conditions. Above all, finalize the design temperature is the elastic shrinkage rate that refers to a fabric commonly and thick thin will decide. If the temperature is set too high, it will result in reduced strength, reduced elasticity, and the possibility of discoloration. On the contrary, the temperature is too low, will lead to fabric crimping, width instability, shrinkage rate.


The second is to reasonably control the speed of the molding machine transformation. Under normal circumstances, its speed mainly depends on the length of the setting zone and the setting temperature. If the speed too fast will affect the effect of shaping, and may also cause the process of dyeing and finishing fine wrinkles do not get rid of. On the contrary, if the vehicle speed is slow and the temperature is high, it may cause the fabric to turn yellow and the elasticity to decrease.

In addition to the above two conditions, in addition to the need for reasonable control of a process parameters is the molding machine modification of the overfeed. In general, after determining the fabric width, it is necessary to set an appropriate amount of overfeeding and tension.

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