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Circular fixed cylinder cloth setting machine

Circular fixed cylinder cloth setting machine

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:52:07
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Maintenance knowledge of circular fixed cylinder cloth setting machine: under normal circumstances, every time after the operation of the stretching setting machine equipment for a period of time after the need for its lubrication maintenance. At the same time, due to the different running time, so the specific measures taken are not the same. Generally speaking, when the tensioning machine equipment running for more than 60 hours, the staff need to open the heating box on both sides of the cover, the mechanical transmission parts for cleaning and lubrication.

Among them mainly refers to the main chain and gear and other parts of the circular fixed cylinder cloth molding machine to clean, and then to lubricate the gear shaft and other operating parts. When the working time of the equipment is over 100 hours, the staff need to open the cover plates on both sides of the heating box to check the operation, mainly to check the specific conditions of the wires, circuits, heating pipes and connecting parts.


If in the cylinder molding process, found that there is damage, aging or loose and other problems, should be promptly dealt with. In addition, as a result of the stretching machine equipment belongs to the electric heating equipment, so in the processing of chemical fiber fabrics, as a result of the environment, air and humidity and other factors, and may produce high static electricity. To ensure safety, ensure that the body installed reliable grounding wire.

It should also be noted that the diameter of the ground wire must not be 3 mm square. In addition, during the operation of the tensioning machine equipment, do not repair or inspect the work to prevent burns. In addition, operators are strictly prohibited to work with long hair, bare arms, skirts and gloves, and must work in accordance with the requirements of high temperature.



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