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Circular drum cloth dryer

Circular drum cloth dryer

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:52:43
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How do cylinder dryers operate safely? During the daily use of cylinder dryer equipment, the user should not only pay attention to ensure the rationality and standardization of the operation, but also seriously consider safety issues. The so-called safety, not only to maintain the safety of equipment, but also to ensure the safety of staff. So, in the actual work, what specific safety issues to pay attention to?

First, about the storage location of the dryers. Under normal circumstances, the equipment should be placed in an environment that is relatively spacious, well ventilated and free of corrosive gases. In addition, the location of the equipment shall ensure that it is flat and dry and that the concrete thickness of the foundation floor shall not be less than 150 mm. At the same time, pay attention to ensure that both sides of the needle plate position is flat, symmetrical, no position deviation is allowed.


Second, when installing the dryers, make sure that the rails do not contain any impurities or other phenomena that hinder the normal operation of the chain. In the process of installing transmission roller, cloth guide roller and cloth falling roller, it is necessary to calibrate the parallelism between each roller.

Third, be sure to check the environmental conditions before installing the circular cloth dryer. Remember that no other person should stand near the equipment. No maintenance personnel are allowed to work. In addition, also pay attention to check and ensure that the temperature of the electric control cabinet thermostat should be within the specified range. If dust and other debris are found in the electric control box, it should be cleaned in time.



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