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Drying machine

Drying machine

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LMH101 water rolling and drying machine

Purpose: This machine is used for flat-width water rolling and drying of pure cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabrics.

Main specifications:

1. Carriage: Left or right hand

2. Working range: 1800-3200mm

3. Operation speed: 35-70m/min

4, in and out of cloth: open width into cloth, open width out cloth

5. Ventilation length: about 14m 6. Steam pressure: 0.36mpa

7. The total number of electromechanical motors is 6, with a total power of 9.13KW

8. Overall dimension: Length × width × height (mm) : 116600×4730×4800 (LMH101-180)


This equipment is used for rolling water drying grey cloth

Equipment flow (optional) : open-width into cloth → electric edge suction device →MH591A two-high inclined rolling car → two-column 20-800 drying cylinder drying machine → open-width off cloth or automatic rolling dual-use cloth rack

Equipment technical parameters:

Setting speed: 0-80 m/min;

Set total power: about 26KW

Equipped with a portal width of 1600~3400 mm;

Transmission square: variable frequency speed regulation;

Steam pressure: 0.25MPa

Compressed air pressure: 0.25MPa

Control system: programmable logic controller (PLC) control;

Operation square: touch screen and button double operation, man-machine interface;




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