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UV photocatalytic organic waste gas treatment plant

UV photocatalytic organic waste gas treatment plant

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UV photocatalytic organic waste gas treatment equipment from the introduction of advanced technology, and a number of well-known domestic universities and colleges research out of a set of waste gas treatment equipment, through continuous improvement and improvement, has been developed a series of new efficient energy-saving environmental protection products. Photooxidation waste gas treatment device can efficiently and quickly remove volatile organic compounds (VOC), inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia gas, mercaptan, sulfide, benzene and other toxic, harmful, irritating gases, deodorization efficiency can reach more than 99%, deodorization effect is much more than the newly issued national odor pollutants discharge standards.


Organic waste gas processing plant has a strong adaptability, low operation cost and equipment accounted for in the area is small, should be applied in refinery, rubber factory, chemical plants, pharmaceutical, sewage treatment plant, waste transfer station, eat hutch waste plant, feed factory, dyeing factory, coating factory and other pollution of stench gas deodorization purification.




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