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Charged electric spray tower purification plant

Charged electric spray tower purification plant

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:59:29
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A review of the performance of the charged electric spray tower purification plant

1. Efficient deodorization: it can effectively remove volatile organic compounds (VOC), inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia gas, mercaptan and other major pollutants, as well as a variety of foul smells. The deodorization efficiency can reach more than 99%, and the deodorization effect is much higher than the national emission standards for odor pollutants issued in 1993 (GB14554-93).


2. No need to add any substance: it only needs to set the corresponding exhaust pipe and exhaust power to make the odorous gas go through the equipment for deodorization, decomposition and purification, and no need to add any substance to participate in the chemical reaction.

3. Strong adaptability: it can adapt to high concentration, large gas volume, deodorization and purification treatment of different odorous gas substances, and can work continuously 24 hours a day with stable and reliable operation.

4. Low operating cost of Fujian purification plant: no mechanical action, no noise, no special person for management and daily maintenance, only regular inspection, low energy consumption (per 1000 cubic meters of treatment hour, only about 0.2 degree of electricity consumption), extremely low wind resistance < 30Pa, which can save a lot of power consumption of exhaust power.


5. No pretreatment: no special pretreatment is required for malodorous gas, such as heating and humidifying, etc. The operating environment temperature of the equipment is between -30℃-95℃, and the humidity is between 30%-98%. The PH value is between 3-11 and can work normally.

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