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Low temperature plasma deodorizer

Low temperature plasma deodorizer

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:54:11
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Application of low temperature plasma deodorization device in the exhaust gas treatment as the development of industrial economy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, paint, printing and coating industries produce volatile organic exhaust gas is also increasing, the gas will not only stay in the atmosphere for a long time, can also spread and drift to the distant place, bring serious pollution to the environment, the waste gas sucked into human body, directly produce great harm to the health of human body; In addition, the uncontrolled emission of industrial flue gas deteriorates the global atmospheric environment day by day, and the harm caused by acid rain (mainly from the sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides emitted by industry) has attracted the attention of various countries. Due to the acidification caused by air pollution, the destruction of ecological environment and the frequent occurrence of major disasters have caused huge losses to human beings. Therefore, it is imperative to choose an economic and feasible treatment method.

Low temperature plasma deodorization equipment can degradation of volatile organic pollutants (VOCs) in the traditional processing methods, such as absorption, adsorption, condensation and combustion for low concentration of VOCs is difficult to achieve, and photocatalytic degradation of VOCs and exist the problem of catalyst deactivation easily, using the low temperature plasma processing VOCs can not restricted by the above conditions, has a potential advantage. However, plasma is an interdisciplinary subject which includes discharge physics, discharge chemistry, chemical reaction engineering and vacuum technology. Therefore, very few units can master the technology maturely.

Want to know about the low temperature plasma deodorant device problem, you can call the exhaust gas treatment equipment company.



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