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Cutting machine

Cutting machine

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:51:43
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Performance characteristics of Fujian cutting machine

1. Machine material selection of 304 stainless steel, solid, beautiful, long service life, solution

Twist effect up to 100%

2. The umbrella stand of cloth head adopts the structure of sliding wheel, which can turn flexibly and solve the tension

Too much weight makes the gram unstable. The cutting head of this machine is imported from Germany E+L

Company, can automatically track profile wiring.

3. Deflection alignment mechanism is selected, with simple structure and stable performance.

4. Separate frequency conversion control is used to adjust the tension of cloth.

5. The equipment can be used for one machine, cutting cloth or untwisting width


Technical parameters of Fujian cutting machine

1. Main engine power: ≤ 5.7kW /h

2. Air pressure: ≤5kg/cm2

3. Width: 2200 mm - 2500 mm

4. Folding plate thickness :3mm



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