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Centrifugal dehydrator

Centrifugal dehydrator

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:51:00
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Fujian centrifugal dehydrator is a three-legged suspension type, which can avoid the vibration of the ground during operation due to the unbalanced load in the drum.

The shell and the top cover are made of stainless steel plate, the chassis is made of cast iron, the outlet pipe is under the chassis, and the foot pedestal and column foot are made of cast iron.

The spindle is made of high quality steel, with two bearings, and the lower end is supported by thrust ball bearings to reduce wear and save power.

The drum is made of copper plate or stainless steel plate punching, the cage base is cast iron and lined with stainless steel bottom cover. The drum is mounted on the cone at the top of the main shaft to ensure smooth operation.

Centrifugal dewaterer manufacturer introduces this dewaterer adopts an independent motor driven by triangle belt and equipped with centrifugal starting flange, which can make the machine start slowly, its braking efficiency is high, can make the drum stop quickly, can avoid the main shaft due to braking and torsional force.



Features of centrifugal dehydrator:

Large capacity, high rate of dehydration.

Small vibration, low noise.

Easy to operate.

★ Petrochemical, textile, hotel, hospital, bathroom can be used.





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