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Cloth inspecting and winding machine

Cloth inspecting and winding machine

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:48:53
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Introduction of Fujian Cloth Inspecting and rewinding machine:

1. Automatic tracking of infrared edge detection, automatic alignment of cloth edge

2. Machine height using the cloth before the cloth into the spread, the cloth is not easy to wrinkle

3. The take-up stage is located ahead of the operator for easy operation

4. This machine is generally suitable for textile, dyeing and finishing and other related processing, etc.

As well as cloth inspection, finishing, packaging


Performance Features:

72" Cloth width applicable range 44"~46 "(1120~1168mm);

90" Cloth width applicable range 46~88 "(1168-2200mm);

Above 90" for special specifications, need project customization.

Technical parameters of fujian cloth inspecting and rewinding machine

1. Total horsepower :3HP;

2. Rolling speed: up to 110mmin;

Normal operation speed :0-90m/min;

3. Roll diameter: 350mm in the diameter of the roll of 45";

The diameter of the coiling roller 5.5", the coiling diameter 450mm;

Above 450mm for special specifications, need to be customized project;

4. Automatic cloth cutter cuts cloth ends;

5. Equipped with frequency conversion system, it can speed the speed of stepless frequency conversion;

6. A code table is provided to record the length of the cloth



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