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Elbow integral radiator

Elbow integral radiator

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:51:17
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Elbow integral radiator by steel tube and aluminum tube extrusion aluminum finned tube, after research and development of customized equipment elbow forming equipment done at one time, the number of welding joints is less than 1/10 of the early elbow radiator, improve product production efficiency, more ensure the quality of products, reduce the probability of elbow weld leakage.

Specifications (customized according to the size of the equipment, you can refer to the following general)

Rectangular radiator:

Specification 1 Length × width × height =2650×780×210 (unit mm) Pipe number: 15 ×4 rows

Specification 2 Length × width × height =2650×980×260 (unit mm) Number of tubes: 18 ×5 rows

Cube radiator: Specification length × width × height =950×950×950 (unit mm) Pipe number: 17 ×16 rows

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