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Finned tube radiator

Finned tube radiator

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 12:00:44
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Fujian finned tube radiator is one of the most widely used heat exchanger devices in gas and liquid heat exchanger. It is a heat and cold exchanger which can increase the heat dissipation area by adding fins on the common base tube. The base pipe can be made of steel pipe; Stainless steel tube; Copper tube, etc. Fins can also be made of steel tape; Stainless steel belt, copper belt, aluminum belt, etc. The following finned tube radiator manufacturers will introduce to you:


Finned radiator is the most widely used steel and aluminum finned tube (wrapped steel and aluminum finned tube, rolled steel and aluminum finned tube) it takes advantage of the steel tube's compression resistance and aluminum's high efficiency thermal conductivity, in the special machine compound. Its contact thermal resistance is almost zero at 210℃.

Made of steel and aluminum composite pipe radiator with other types of finned tube can not replace the advantage of high cost performance.

Finned tube radiator is generally used to heat or cool the air. It has the characteristics of compact structure and large unit heat transfer area.


Widely used in:

1. Special radiator for beer malt drying and cooling

2. Special radiators for tobacco silk-making and expansion drying

3. Special radiator for wood drying kiln

4. Heat sinks for drying dyes, chemical fibres, soda ash, latex, PVC and gelatin

5. Radiator for spray drying of milk and milk powder

6. Vegetable dewatering tunnel, oven drying radiator

7. Special radiator for paper making and coater

8. Printing and dyeing, dyeing and finishing, hot air stretching and setting machine, hot setting machine, dryer, rotary screen printing machine, flat screen printing machine, blanket setting machine, dryer radiator

9. Special radiator for drying food and tea

10. Plastic leather spray dryer

11. Wood-grain printing machine

12. Adhesive coater, radiator for dry compound machine

13. Special radiators for constant temperature heating in factory buildings



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