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Aluminium radiator

Aluminium radiator

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:46:53
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Fujian aluminum radiator is an equipment for heating, cooling and dehumidifying the air through the metal surface (steel and aluminum finned tube). When the air is cooled and dehumidified, it is referred to as "surface cooler". When heating air, according to the type of heating working medium, when the heating working medium is steam, called "steam adder", when the heating working medium is oil (water), referred to as "oil (water) heater", etc.

The finned tubes of the aluminum radiator are composed of seamless steel tubes and aluminum rolled tubes. The finned tubes and the whole machine have passed two hydrostatic tests of 30 kg/m2. Thus, it can be used for temperature cooling (enthalpy dropping, cooling), dry cooling (moisture dropping) and heating of air. Widely used in integral air conditioning units, refrigeration and cooling machines, induction air conditioners, textile printing and dyeing machinery, forestry, chemical industry,

National defense, medicine, food, starch, beer, kerosene, construction and other industries. Aluminum radiator can heat air, dry ventilation, cooling, suitable for water, oil, steam and other hot and cold media.



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