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Steel radiator

Steel radiator

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  • Release date:2020-11-09 11:44:49
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The fujian steel radiator is the air heater used for heating air in the hot air device, it is the main equipment in the hot air device, and it is widely used in the air drying. Steam radiators are used for hot air heating, air heating in air conditioning systems and drying units. Suitable for steam and hot water heating system. It is widely used in the heating and ventilation system of many industrial enterprises and large buildings. The following steel radiator manufacturers will explain to you:

Its hot medium is steam or high temperature water. The working pressure of steam is 0.3-8 kg/cm2. High temperature water temperature in 130-170 degrees Celsius or so. The heat dissipation pipe is mainly composed of three forked spiral fin tube bundles with air injection. The processing technology of heat dissipating fin tube bundles is to wrap cold rolled steel strips mechanically on seamless steel tubes, and then conduct surface galvanizing treatment. Heat dissipation fins and heat pipe contact surface wide and tight. Good heat transfer performance, stability and corrosion resistance, steam or high temperature water through the steel tube, heat through the fins tightly wrapped on the steel tube to one-sided air, to heat the air.


The finned tube heat sink for vegetable and flower greenhouse is made of high quality carbon steel, with high pressure resistance and good toughness, which is not easy to break. Because the welding flange inside and outside of the pipe after the hot dip galvanized surface treatment, improve the overall corrosion resistance of the radiator, its service life can reach more than 20 years, is one of the greenhouse greenhouse commonly used heat sinks.


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